10.12.2016 Treasure Hunt in Tamm – „…get some rest!“

“Calling the Twelve to him, he began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits … The apostles gathered round Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. Then … he said to them: ‘Come with me by yourselves … get some rest.’” (Mark 6,7 and 30f).

Before heading out to where the treasure maps lead us, we gather as a whole team, listen to what is important once again (we call this “Einschießen”), exchange impressions, pray and finally form smaller teams – just like Jesus did (… we mostly form teams of three). On Saturday, there were treasure hunters in Kirchheim/Teck (prayer walk), Mühlacker and Tamm. What was special to me, were the many “new” treasure hunters in Tamm. We were privileged to have 4 (!) people joining us for the first time and another who has come for the second time. I was so happy about this. Being “new” is not a problem at all – all of Jesus’ disciples were “first time treasure hunters”. Jesus told them what is important, he gave them authority and power (!) and sent them out.
My team had two girls in it (…doing this for the first time…) and I knew that God would initiate a custom-made treasure hunt for us.
That’s exactly what happened.
Usually, I can sense pretty well, in which order we are to approach the locations on the treasure maps. This time, however, this was somehow not the case. But it didn’t matter. We were nonetheless always at the right places at the right time. We didn’t even have to look out for “treasures” very much – it just happened “blow upon blow”. And there was a huge variety of different encounters.
There was a woman walking speedily towards the S-Bahn station – she was Christian. We could pray against her leg problems while we kept walking. Then, two boys, maybe 12 years old. Absolutely open for Jesus. It was a pleasure to bless them. A family, whose little boy has a cardiac defect. We believe that the power of God has touched him. Two rejections were special. We entered a side road and saw a woman sweeping the street (…we had “weekly cleaning duty” on the map) and at the same time another woman pushing a stroller (… also happened to be treasure). We decided to approach the woman with the stroller – Priska did it fantastically. But the woman totally refused to talk to us, she turned the stroller and wanted to continue in her path. I followed her for a few steps to at least give her a little “Never forget: You are God’s treasure”-card: “If you follow me another step, I call the police…” That was clear and surprisingly massive. Of course we left her alone, but prayed for her from a distance and realised that this “did” something to us – but God is our source and he refilled us with his spirit. We moved on, turned around a street corner and saw the woman with her broom again; she was now sweeping the balcony at the house’s backside – if that wasn’t clearly our treasure … she too heard that God approaches her personally and totally loves her – but she wasn’t interested, either. For both of these encounters we knew that God was initiator and that he had a meaning for these people’s lives!
Then, the young man with “bomber jacket”: In addition, I had seen an inscription and some dark symbols – they happened to be on his T-Shirt. Jana and Priska were so courageous. They talked to him and he was very moved and open at once. He named his inner distresses and fears – the answer to them is: Jesus (!) He turned the control of his life over to Jesus – a very moving moment – a lot happened at this moment – I could do no other than embrace him from the bottom of my heart – he also understood how important it is to not stay alone – we need each other. Right before the ending of the treasure hunts, our feet started freezing and we went low on energy. We experienced a lot and were very encouraged. Jesus then said to his disciples: “…get some rest!”
(translated by Sarah)