14.1.2017 Bad Cannstatt – God is sooo good….

I was in the team with Martin, Katrin and their son Mex. On our way back from the
railway station to our meeting point in Carré shopping centre we met our final Treasures of the day. In a side street three girls came toward us and Katrin suddenly sensed the urge to stop them and ask if anyone was sick and needed healing. For we had some clues about particular healings the Lord wanted to do today. And the healing of the day was “something with the back”. At first they didn’t want to stop but then one turned around and was interested where we came from. I said, “We are from Jesus. And He loves you, and if you are sick He wants to heal you”. She answered, “We are Muslims”. I replied, “That doesn’t matter, Jesus loves Muslims and He heals Muslims!” The other two urged her to move on, but she begged them to wait. We showed her our Treasure Maps which had the clue “healing of left foot“. She said, “I have problems and pain with my right foot”. I go, “Okay, then Jesus will heal the right foot!” I was waiting for Martin our leader to lay hands on her but he was talking to the other girl that kept urging them to move on. So I thought, “Oh no! Now I have to lay my icy cold hands on this girl!” But as soon as I did and prayed a short prayer, she started beaming with joy, “I feel such a warmth and my foot feels so good! Can you please pray for my left foot also because the left foot is actually the worse one and the doctors want to operate.” Full of courage I put my hands on the left foot and asked Katrin to join me. And again she felt the warmth and exclaimed full of joy that the pain was gone also. 
Praise the Lord!
She wanted to know where I have this power from. I answered, “that is not my power, but I believe in Jesus who forgave my sins and died for me on the cross. And that He is risen from the dead and it is His Power in His Name.
Suddenly the most suspicious of the three asked, “Can He heal my back also?” “Of course”, and Martin laid hands on her back and straight away she also began to exclaim beamingly, “All pain is gone. I had a chronic backache and it’s gone and it feels so warm!” Now the girl in the middle also asked for healing for her thyroid gland, so Katrin laid hands on her and immediately she felt warmth in her neck and smiled happily.  All three were so full of joy and we encouraged them to give Jesus thanks. And all three said together with us, “Thank You, Jesus!”
We gave them some info and invitations to Gospel Forum because they told us that all their family was sick and needed healing.
As they joyfully went their way we prayed that Jesus would draw all their family to Himself. God is sooo good!