17.12.2016 Pforzheim – „Your kingdom come…“

„Heaven on earth“ safely took us to Pforzheim. It was the first time that I could ride with Ulli’s shiny blue Citroen. There – a parking space. After disembarking, we saw a car in front whose license plate had the numbers “666” – behind us another car with “666” (a biblical symbolic number for darkness)! Jokingly I said to Ulli: “…They probably can’t take ‘Heaven on heaven’ in between the two of them, when we return, those wheels are gonna be broke.” Ulli: “Or those tyres are flat…”
It was turning out to be an amazing treasure hunt (… I admit it, most of the time I’m quite impressed… God is good!). We were ten people in Pforzheim. I could join Martin’s team of four – thanks, you did an amazing job! After about half of the time had passed, the following situation developed:
“Can You see the wall over there? This is exactly the kind of wall I had envisioned when completing the treasure map.” Someone in the team said: “This is the spot where the orphanage used to be … there is darkness … a lot happens here.” We crossed the bridge. On the way there, I had this idea that we ought to pray at that location. When we reached the location and I was about to tell the others, I could “hear” very clearly: “Better leave that alone…” It was pretty alluring and felt as if there “… was something more important.” It took a few seconds until I realised by the Holy Spirit, that what I had heard, was not from God. My thought: “Now more than ever!” We prayed very intensely and lifted up our wonderful living God above this location! Then, in front of an entrance. A man in black, smoking, chin-bearded. Our treasure. Martin and I took the initiative. It was a very open conversation – but suddenly, what happened there behind me… Shouting, I turned around, Selina (name changed) vociferously defended Erich (name changed), who was being loudly insulted by a “clan” and almost physically attacked. I left Martin alone – this situation had priority. With three people, the situation calmed down – Erich distanced himself. What had happened? When Erich and Selina were waiting, a car backed out of a parking space and bumped into another parking car. The car seemed to continue in its way – Erich ran over, holding a pen and paper, to note the car’s license plate – the people snapped… They stated that the damaged car belonged to a family member and they didn’t want any outsiders to be involved, as everything would be managed internally. We could calm them down and they moved on. Within the team we then decided that Selina would later in the evening tell the police as a witness what had happened. It was really intense… we prayed, especially for Erich .. Thank you Holy Spirit, for being there!
And he was there. This just happened to be an Intermezzo – an uprising of the darkness. All in all, we had about 15 encounters – not a single rejection – even a young Muslim man received the Gospel and pocketed the card to invite Jesus in a very open manner. The presence of God was strongly tangible, a lot of love flowed. People were very moved. Usually, I get tired at about 5pm – but this time I could still freshly feel the flow of the father’s love at 6pm. “Your kingdom come…”, it became tangible. When Ulli and I later returned to “Heaven on earth”, it was still there: “666” in front, “666” in the back – tyres and wheels were OK, but on the sidewalk next to us, there was another car with the license plate “333” – “Look, Ulli, there’s just half of it!”
Because his kingdom has come near, let us properly celebrate this fact next Saturday!

(translated by Sarah)