5.11.2016 Treasure hunt in Gerlingen & Heilbronn – „Find it out…“

„I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me…” (John 14,6)

…at the beginning of this Saturday’s treasure hunt in Heilbronn, Ana shared the impression that today will be about having the “truth” reach people.
Later on, one of the teams had the following encounter:
Everything matched, gartenstreet, zebra crossing, bakery. Then two men come, one had a moustache – our treasure, we speak to him. „I believe in Allah“, he said. My reply: „I meet a lot of Muslims and can sense that Muslims are fond of God – You are fond of Allah.” “Yes, I’m really fond of Allah, I pray before I leave home – I actually pray all the time – always.” “Wow, that’s great. Allah really loves you. But Allah is holy, inexpressibly holy.” “Yes, that’s right.” “That’s why nobody can enter his immediate proximity the way they are. But he’s ‘Father’ – he feels like a Daddy. Do you have kids?” “Yes, of course.” “All right, so it would be bad if one of your kids weren’t close-knit to you, right?” “Yes, of course.” “It’s the same way with Daddy-God. It’s totally on his heart that we can come really close to him – but he is holy. That’s why he figured out a way to make it possible. He told his Beloved, Jesus, Isa: Go into the world and pay for everything that my people have done wrong. And Jesus did it – it cost his life. That’s why you can come very close to God through Jesus, Isa. He wants to show you himself… Can I pray for you and bless you?” One question: “Is Isa God and have you already encountered him?” “Yes…” – “Thanks, all right… we’re leaving.” I kept following the two for a few metres and said: “You can ask Isa, ask him, are you God’s Son. It’s important, find it out…!” At first I was sad that we couldn’t pray for the two – then Ana’s impression came to my mind again: the truth should reach people… Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Figure it out…!
(Translated by Sarah)