5. Anniversary Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart

In December 2017 we celebrated five years of Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart under our excellent leader Ulli Lück. Congratulations, Ulli!
And on 30.12.2017 six teams went out for the 5. Anniversary Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart City, four teams of three Treasure Hunters each and two teams of four Treasure Hunters each.
Our team alone had 14 encounters with God’s chosen Treasures! And we found the people so open to hear the Good News, that Jesus loves them and has a good plan for their life. Everyone received prayer or a blessing.
There was the man on the way to hospital (one of the clues) who was so thankful for prayer and he felt reassured by God. The young mother with a ‘nosering piercing’ and the child who was her ‘sunshine’, both clues, who was indecisive between the Muslim and the Christian Faith. We explained the Gospel to her and that it is about a relationship with the living Jesus and prayed that she would have an encounter with Jesus who died for her and also rose again from the dead.
The clues ‘head-shawl, fountain, Schlossgarten’ lead us to a Muslim woman with her family. The woman was very open. The daughter explained what they believed about Jesus from the Koran. We did not enter into a discussion, but offered to pray for the mother, who was the Treasure, that Jesus would reveal Himself to her as the living Son of God. This she received and was thankful for the Blessing we also spoke over her and her family. The above clues plus the extra ‘unable to walk’, led us to a woman in a wheel chair and her daughter. She was also Muslim and was operated on her knee and therefore not able to walk for some months. We told her about Jesus and that He loves to heal people and offered to lay hands on her knee in the Name of Jesus. She accepted and after the prayer felt a tingling sensation in her knee. We explained that this was the Healing Power of Jesus and that He promised that she would get well!
The young man wearing a ‘yellow jacket’ was Treasure for the second time. We had a long talk with him, explaining the Gospel and Jacob sharing his testimony. He was very close to receive Jesus right there, but then hesitated, because he needed to get back to his three friends waiting for him. We explained the steps to receive Jesus into his heart and prayed for him and blessed him.
Only a few steps further we met the young man with ‘long brown hair and beard’. After a long talk and Jacob sharing his testimony again, we prayed for healing of his lung problem. After the first time he could breathe in a little deeper, but still not good. After the second prayer he could breathe in and out freely! Thank you, Jesus!
At the location ‘H&M’, Sieglinde had the impression to stand at the entrance. I just had said, that I still hadn’t seen the person with that ‘hound’s-tooth check pattern’ on the clothing when a woman with that pattern on her coat rushed by. She was very glad, but only had time for a short prayer and blessing.
On our way back to the meeting place we had one more location with a ‘big horse’. There was a shop with a big horse statue in front of it. And the Treasure was right beside the horse, waiting for us. We had a wonderful talk about the Love of Jesus and tears flowed.Our prayer was gladly received and the blessed and more joyful Treasure went on his way.
These were only some of the 14 encounters our team had, but numerous people’s lives were also touched by the five other teams. And one by one the Love of God through Jesus Christ is flooding our cities and our nation. We praise the Lord and give Him thanks for every person!
And the twenty of us went home energised and full of joy and  BLESSED!