The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is a non-profit organization on a free, ecumenical Christian basis and also goes under the name of “Vaterhaus” ( Father`s house ). The treasure hunting team consists of 22 voluntary leaders and a number of people, who are the so-called treasure hunters. The majority of them belongs to the congregation of GOSPEL FORUM in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany.

Unser Leitungsteam: Hinten von Links nach rechts: Ulli, Sarah, Gaby Vorne von Links nach rechts: Manu, Rudi, Ana, Simone, Elisabeth, Ralf, Norbert, Simon, Cornelius

The team meets weekly in various cities to tell people about Jesus and bring heaven to earth.This takes place by encouraging words, prayer, heartfelt concern or from time to time, by financial, material or other assistance and support. People are uplifted, healed, set free, strengthened and encouraged by God`s power. The treasure hunting team takes God`s love to people, wherever they might be, and invites them to get to know JesusChrist, their savior, and follow him.

Furthermore, the treausre hunting team trains Christians and Christian congregations, so that they can make progress in their faith, and actively pursue their God-given gifts, capabilities and callings.

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