Can you pray… for my sins?

Treasure Hunt in Ludwigsburg on Saturday, 3.2.2018.
At the first location ‘large square’ we met two Treasures at once, two friendly young men. Tarek’s family comes from Turkey, Sanjar’s from Angola (names changed). Both were born in Gernany. Tarek shared that he was Muslim but was open to receive prayer for his future. Then we asked Sanjar if there was anything we could pray for. Leaning against a house wall he said slowly: “…can you pray… for my sins?”. We were amazed, never before had anyone requested prayer so specifically about their sins. What trust he displayed! On one hand we were rejoicing over his request, but at the same time we could sense his pain. He was serious about it. Pain in the soul often is worse than physical pain. It can even cause physical sickness. This pain can become so unbearable that a person doesn’t want to live anymore.
It was not the time to ask about the “sins”, it was the time for showing the Solution: JESUS!
We told him:”…it is good that you can share this issue with us, because it shows that you can ‘feel’ and that your heart is ‘alive’. You cannot deal with your sins by yourself and you don’t have to. You are in need of a solution and the answer is – Jesus bore your sins in His own body and fully paid for them. That cost Him His life.” But Jesus is risen from the dead! We explained to Sanjar that he can receive forgiveness when He receives JESUS as his Lord and Saviour. That means, not living life your own way anymore, but inviting Jesus to be Lord over your life. Sanjar seriously desired this New Life and he took the first step in prayer with us. Hallelujah!
The word for sin in the biblical source text means actually ‘missing the mark’. But getting it right is not something we can accomplish by ourselves through hard work or our own efforts. The ‘target’ is the Glory of God through the New Life in Jesus Christ. ‘Glory’ means God’s Beauty, His passionate Love, abundant life, pure joy…the Father’s Heart…place of forgiveness and reconciliation…place of healing…place of freedom…of righteousness…Shalom Peace…the best place in the whole universe…there are not enough words to describe it! That’s what we are made for! The only Way we can get there is through Jesus!
And lives are transformed…Sanjar’s face was full of joy. Thank You, JESUS!