“Come and see!” (John 1:46)

Just like Philip found Nathanael about 2000 years ago, so Martin found the man wearing the green pants at the Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart  in April. Amazing how readily he wanted to get to know this Jesus.
The spirit of a man is more receptive than the mind and the intellect. The Holy Spirit prepares the atmosphere and brings the Presence and Truth of God near.
“Come and see!”, Martin invited the young man to church and arranged to meet him there. Out of interest grew hunger…Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”. And fresh bread wets your appetite…at the end of the church service the young man had given his life to Jesus and was full of joy – just like  Nathanael back then. Come and see…one of the most beautiful invitations. And it is for everyone!
In Stuttgart there were 27 Treasure Hunters, many of them students of the Bible School.
Another team was looking for a woman with red hair at the given location. There was only a woman whose hair was more pink than red. They decided to approach her. As they introduced themselves they saw that she also had a skull tattooed on her arm. That clinched it. Freely she shared her needs and received prayer. She felt such a relief and the Presence of Jesus was so strong that she asked Jesus into her life. And straight away she asked her husband sitting beside her to also receive Jesus. They were both invited to church and wanted to ‘come and see’!
There were many more encounters and many lives were touched that day!
Come, taste and see that the LORD is good!