Embracing Norderstedt – „Obey what I command you today“

This happened in Norderstedt:
Having been encouraged and refreshed by our treasure hunting workshop last
weekend, I had the following experience on Monday:
For a few years I’ve sometimes run across a woman in the Alstertal, who’s sitting
there on a bank with her Tetra Pak of Sangria. She is not homeless, but probably has
a problem with alcohol and seems to be a bit strange. Some years ago, I happened to
jog past her, took a brief break, told her that God loves her and also wished her God’s
blessings. I didn’t have the guts to do more, and didn’t know how to communicate
anything else. Often, when passing by, I just shouted “Hello” or “Good morning”, but I
often felt God’s love for her and prayed for her quietly. Now, I passed by her again
last Monday – this time riding my bike – and could hear, after just having greeted her,
God talking to me: “Tell her that I am fond of her!” – I … rode on. God again: “Turn
around and tell her that I am fond of her!” I … still kept going and replied: “I’ve
already told her that once.” But God didn’t give up, I could feel his urging me and I
bickered. Do I have to do that now? In the end, having already cycled 20 metres, I
turned around and … kept going towards home!!! But another 10 metres down the
road, I knew that if I didn’t do this now, I would be angry with myself later on that I
hadn’t been obedient. So I finally gave in and cycled back to the bank. The woman
was still sitting there, I dismounted and told her: “I had to come back, because God
wants me to tell you that he is fond of you and rejoices over you.” The woman just
looks at me and says: “Really?” I confirm it, and she stands up. “At such beautiful
words, I have to get up. This makes me glad!” I tell her that I’m Christian and believe
in Jesus and offer her prayer for something, if she wants. Yes, she would like prayer
for peace – OK. “Inner peace?” I ask her – Yes, and also exteriorly. I ask for her name.
“Renate”, “Oh, and my name is Beate”. She knows that it means “the blessed one”
and “Renate means the ‘born again one’”. Oooooh, what a door opener, I’m thinking,
so I tell her that God indeed offers her new life and that he sent Jesus on this earth
and died for us, so that we can have a relationship with God. We can be born again
through Jesus. “Do you want that?” I ask and am totally surprised when she replies:
“Yes, I want that!” She even has tears in her eyes – “Seriously?” Yes, she wants that.
So I offer her to repeat a prayer of repentance after me, which she does. I am aware
of her smell of alcohol, but she seems sober. Afterwards, she really cries and we
embrace each other. I ask her if she has a Bible – no, she doesn’t. Okay, I will bring
one the next time we meet. A congregation would also be good. Hm, that seems a
little difficult for now, but God is always with her and she can tell him everything. I
tell her a whole bunch of other things, and just keep thinking: that was easy! It’s a
beginning and I know that God approves. I hope that I will meet her again soon, so
that I can develop our relationship.

Exodus 34,10-11 is the word which Ulli received in combination with the commission
for treasure hunting four years ago:
“I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never
before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how
awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you.
Obey what I command you today!”
(translated by Sarah)