Free from Fear…

We were a team of two and encountered one Treasure after the other. Among other clues we had ‘pineapple’ and the number ’17’ on the Treasure Map. On the way to a pineapple stall we saw a man with a large number ’17’ on his shirt with his wife, turning into a shopping mall. One second later and we would have missed them. Both were of the ‘gothic scene’ but had ended with that a few weeks ago, and had already removed most of their piercings. We had a really good conversation with them and then we were invited to pray for them.
In our teams, when one of us is doing the talking, the other is listening and watching what our Heavenly Father wants to say or do…just like Jesus did. What happened next, I have never experienced before in such a way.
The woman told me that she was constantly suffering from extreme fear and that she would like to get rid of it. Therapeutic treatments had not helped her. “Okay, then I pray!” I was allowed to lay my hand on her. But then…, what shall I pray? I suddenly didn’t know how to continue. I was reminded of my own words, “just like Jesus, look to the Father and watch what the Father is doing”. Suddenly my eyes fell on a shop opposite with a huge sign with the words, “Girls-Spirit”. This sign impressed me so much, that I “knew” clearly, this was a ‘spirit of fear’. Then I was unsure how to go about it, because I didn’t want to frighten the woman. So I asked her, “I would like to put a name to this fear and call it a spirit of fear. Would that be alright with you?”. “Yes, you may.”
Then I said with authority: “You spirit of fear, you know that I have authority here and I command you to leave this woman, now!”. I could actually feel the power of God and the woman felt it too and even got goose bumps. And she said afterwards, that she had seen, that something was running away from her.
And at once she was calm and completely free!
After we said goodbye I wanted to take another look at that shop with the big sign. It didn’t have the writing ‘Girls-Spirit’ on it…?
NoEl (von Ulli)