God knows every thought of the heart

Anniversary Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart

We had a word from one of the prayer team: Seek the hearts that are prepared. Leave those who are not open. When you get rejected, go on rejoicing and seek the open doors!
That was exactly what the teams experienced. People were either closed or fully open. Many beautiful encounters happened where the people were so surprised to be touched with the love of God.
One of the treasure hunters, Lara (name changed), 14 years young, had a special surprise. She is already a seasoned treasure hunter and had become a street team leader. But she hadn’t been out in a team for a while and was about to give up. She was unsure in her heart about her calling to be a treasure hunter. And she had asked God to give her two or three signs of confirmation.
Because it was our Anniversary Treasure Hunt there were a number of new people and not enough leaders for the individual street teams of three people each.
Manuel our group leader offered Lara to lead one of the street teams. It was a push out onto the water and Lara took the challenge. In her team were Antonio (name changed) who was out for the first time and Liane (name changed) whose second time it was.
When the two shared their excitement about their experiences with the whole group afterwards, Lara knew God had answered her heart’s desire. The treasure maps of Lara’s team had been so fitting and she had felt so free and full of courage. She was able to open doors for the other two and they had many deep talks with ‘their’ treasures. God was working with them, comforting one lady with His Presence and leading another into a relationship with Jesus and into the new life. And with another treasure God used Antonio to speak in his native language.
All three were so blessed and happy. Liane commented Lara on her great leadership and encouraged her to continue. And Lara had received confirmation in abundance from her Heavenly Father.
Our good God is so powerful and so loving with the treasures and the hunters. He understands every heart.
NoEl    (translated by Diane)