‘…I have come that they may have life…’ (Jesus)

To be out and about with God means dynamics, dynamics for life!
On this Treasure Hunt we were supported by two former Muslims. This gave us access to the Muslim world. Already the very first Treasure invited Jesus into their life, what a great start. Our next location was a park, where we got to talk to a group of Muslims. The leader of the group let us pray for his back, and he was completely healed of back pain. He had a real experience with the presence of God. Later I was told, that this man was a high-ranking official. He wanted to meet with us again and bring along more sick people.
When we returned to the park on the next Treasure Hunt, we saw this high-ranking Muslim, sitting there with four other men. It seemed that he was teaching them. But this time we didn’t have our translator with us and so we just went up to them to greet them. He was really glad to see us, and immediately got up and introduced me to the four men. To our surprise, the four men spoke German and were able to translate for their teacher.
It was very special to hear, that he had been totally free of back pain since our prayer a few weeks ago. And only two days ago, the strong pain in his back had returned. He was visibly restricted in his movements. I asked, if I may pray for him again, which he gladly accepted.
After the first prayer the pain was reduced…he interrupted, got out his mobile phone and made a call…I asked, if I might pray again…yes. Then the pain was completely gone. He made some outrageous movements, no more pain, and he greatly rejoiced.
Through the translator he told us, that his sister was waiting at the other end of the park. It was her, whom he had called on the phone.
We went over to her. She also had back pain and very strong pain in her foot. She asked us to pray. The pain in her back was almost completely gone and her foot was totally healed. All who were there to witness this, were stunned and shook my hand. I stretched out my hand toward the elder high-ranking man to give him a high five…not sure, if this was appropriate…he slapped it, beaming with delight!
After the Treasure Hunt  we went to have pizza, and the owner recognised me and asked me to come into the kitchen and pray for his cook, who was in pain…of course I did!