In the Presence of Jesus there is Grace and Power

During Stuttgart Easter Garden “Er lebt” (“He lives”) a special encounter took place. In one of the tents where healing prayer was offered, Ulli started talking to a family. In the conversation he learnt that one of their sons suffered from a debilitating illness causing severe fits of convulsions throwing him to the ground in ever more frequent intervals. The need of this family was great. They did not know Jesus, but they asked for prayer.
Ulli prayed in confidence in the Grace of God and faith in his authority in Jesus. He laid his hand on the boy. Ulli’s arm and hand started to hurt from the power of God that flowed into the boy. He wanted to let go, but he knew that he had to hold on. Because that which was coming through was meant for that boy. And so he stood fast. The last sentence of his prayer was: “…it will never come back!”
A few days later there was a Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart. The meeting point was the courtyard of the Old Castle. On that Saturday it was very busy there. While giving a preparatory address to the group, Ulli noticed a group of people standing at a distance, looking at him and pointing at him. As they were about to walk off, Ulli interrupted the talk. He did not want to let them go without asking them, why they were looking at him so intently. And he found out, it was the family from the Easter Garden!
Ulli did not recognise the boy. His countenance had totally changed! The father told him, that this last sentence of his prayer was the absolute truth: “…it will never come back!”
From that moment on the attacks of convulsions had stopped and never returned!