…it works better with turbo / A glance back at 2017

We were on our way home from a conference in Lichtenstein (Sachsen) when our Gospel Forum Bus suddenly lost power. It slowed down to 90 km/h and uphill it got even slower. Judith-Ann on the passenger seat quickly googles the problem. Indeed…the symptoms point to a lack of communication to the turbo. The advice: Stop, turn the engine off and then start the engine again. We follow the instruction and lay hands on the bonnet and pray. Result: the bus runs like new!
We are taught by the Living God who has limitless power.He enjoys to show us His power, just in case we forgot and need some encouragement. And He loves to show us even more of His power!
And so was 2017 a very dymamic year!
God had put our focus on strengthening the regions and communities in the Stuttgart area. We taught Treasure Hunt in other churches and started Treasure Hunt small groups with great growth potential – many first time Treasure Hunters joined us and were…of course…fully inspired. Just remember,  Volksmission Esslingen: 14 first time Treasure Hunters went out. God had given Ben the clue “Tattoo: La Dolce Vita”…and the Treasure with that exact tattoo was actually found…the Holy Spirit touched them and hearts opened up.
It was a striking experience how the Holy Spirit is waiting to be invited and then answers these invitations enthusiastically. Thus we went for prayer walks at different locations – notable for me was Heilbronn: the spiritual “atmosphere” had turned, the majority of theTreasures became rejecting. And after a prayer walk it shifted and by the power of the Holy Spirit it went smoothly again. That was so remarkable – even when I went out by myself one day, every encounter seemed to be under a spiritual shield…that was so great. Prayer is powerful – and we thank God, that He connected us with Gebetshaus (House of Prayer) Pforzheim to support us in prayer.
Ulli, Esther and Timo invested a lot of energy into the Firestarters courses. Participants are led deeply into their identity as sons and daughters of the King and God reveals Himself very powerfully through His Holy Spirit…that even the strongest men and women get weak in the knees. Thus well equipped followers of Jesus go out on Treasure Hunt or move into other areas of ministry. It is very important that equipped small groups can then take in the new believers.
That was the rough outline of 2017. Behind it are standing innumerable encounters with people who were touched by God and lives transformed. Not with persuasive words of human wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. Manuel remarked, “the Treasures were at times so overwhelmed by the Presence of God…one went to the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit…and when he got up, his leg was healed”. But the less spectacular encounters are just as precious…hearts are touched, comforted, healed…quietly – the tenderness of the Holy Spirit is so strong…
Let us pause as we go into the New Year and personally invite the Holy Spirit – …never to be without ‘turbo’!