Rainbow…different than you think!

With this story I would like to encourage all Treasure Hunters to be really creative with the clues which God writes on the Treasure Map and to think ‘out of the box’. Just like ‘Rainbow’… totally different than you think!
Our team of three, Gabi, Hans-Jörg and I, had the location ‘flea market’ on our map. When we got to the place, the flea market had already finished. But one woman who was packing up her stall greeted us very friendly and was immediately God’s Treasure! While we shared the love of God with her and prayed blessing over her, another woman approached us from a stall further back and offered us free ice cream (if someone addresses us, they are automatically Treasure). We followed her to her stall which was the only one that was still open. She was dressed very colourfully and also the clothes she offered for sale were in all ‘rainbow’ colours. We showed the woman our Treasure Maps with the clues, ‘flea market’, ‘department store’, ‘car park’, which all matched and ‘rainbow’! She looked on our Treasure Maps and in astonishmnent called out “Rainbow!!, that’s the name of my dog!” And Rainbow appeared, a cuddly small white dog. She was straight away convinced that this was a divine encounter. She already had a relationship with Jesus and when we offered to pray for her, she told us that she was still in shock about a burglary that happened to her neighbour the night before. He had been brutally bashed up and she did not know, if he was still alive. So we prayed with her for this elderly man and for her and the other neighbours who were now very frightened and felt unsafe in that house. We could assure her of the love  of God and also pray for the healing of her broken heart because of a very sad event in her family. She was so thankful.
How ingenious is our God, …’rainbow’! Later I discovered that I also had the clues ‘covetousness and greed’ on my map, which were the cause of the burglary. And with these clues our loving caring Father in Heaven led us to pray for a man whose name we will never know. But God knows him and loves him and cares for him! We prayed for his healing, salvation and total restoration of everything in Jesus Name! Praise the Lord!