Restoration – New Identity – Identity Carrier

One year ago at the Leadership Conference it was prayed over me to get back my driver’s license as soon as possible. After 13 years without a license, that seemed so far away for me. But God had been leading me powerfully that year. This was in April/May 2016. The urge to go ahead with it got ever stronger and finally I gave in and started to take theoretical classes. All the applications were made so I could not opt out anymore.
But very soon the setback arrived: Mail from the traffic department, that I needed a medical psychological examination (MPU). In order to have at least a chance to pass this, one would normally have to give proof of alcohol abstinence for the past 6 – 12 months. “God, what shall I do?” The answer: “Make the appointment!” So I did.
I went there without any preparation and faced the questions of the female psychologist. Then it happened, an incident from my past came up and I felt it could be all over very quickly – that I had messed it all up.
Inside of me I cried out to Jesus, “Please help me! What shall I do?” His answer was very clearly: “Tell what I have done in your life!”
I did that and also again later at the medical doctor. Then the greatest miracle happened, I passed the MPU straight!
It is so true, when we stand up for Jesus, He stands up for us.
After that I passed the theoretical and the practical driving tests and since the beginning of February I have my driver’s license back after 13 years!
But with God there is always more!
After the theoretical test a friend mentioned that I would obviously need a car as soon as I had my license and that he had one for a good price. I replied, “God would have to do it, because I don’t have the money”.  And we left it there as it was still some weeks to my practical driving test.
After passing that test my friend said, “I have thought about it, I want to give you the car”. What, being given a car? I had heard about that before; our main leader had a car given to him. But…I? Is that possible? Yes it is!
When Ulli and I were driving in my new car later, he said, “you should call it ‘Identity Carrier’!”
As Treasure Hunters we are carrying identity to Germany’s cities! And, identity was also brought to me through this awesome move of God!
I am so thankful every day to Jesus for His gift to me!
– Manuel – Identity: “Beloved Child of The Father”