Risk expands the borders

There are a few declarations we have when doing treasure hunts:
“There is no wrong, we learn out of everything“ –  „When in doubt: do it“  – „God rewards the risk, not the success“
Just recently while talking, we recapitulated a bit and realised how much we have advanced. Risk is one of the key words. It happened step by step. The risk of believing that I can hear God and then experiencing that I really find those people that he meant. –  The risk of believing that when I address a treasure, the presence of God would be tangible for the other person and myself, and then experiencing how an atmosphere of easy-going conversation is there –  The risk of believing that when I pray, God joins in and acts and then experiencing how people are touched through prayer and go on their ways in a comforted, encouraged, amazed, enriched, healed and moved way –  The risk of believing that the beginning of a new life with Jesus can dawn on the streets and then experiencing that time and again it looks like the person had waited for someone to tell them how to enter a relationship with God – The risk of ringing door bells to find people who don’t leave their houses and then experiencing that it’s the way how God intended to get in touch with them. What may be the next step, the next risk that we take?
It’s valid not just on treasure hunts, but everywhere and at all times: God rewards the risk, not the success. Rejection or the absence of a miracle doesn’t define God’s nature. HE loves and is always good. We’ve had much joy in so many situations. We’ve been encouraged to believe and be joyful along with God.   We are on the right track and God wants to do so much more. When we take the risk, people will experience God and we will live a life full of joy.

(translated by Sarah)