Saturday 3.12.2016 – A special day…

Last Saturday was a very special day. Our leadership team has by now grown to 22 treasure hunters, but some couldn’t come, so in the end, we happened to be 15. There are things which can be planned, but there are also special experiences which cannot be planned. Our starting circle, holding a cup of coffee in my hands, is one of those experiences. It turned out to be a circle of mutual exchange that was full of sincerity. Right after talking about great encounters on the streets, it suddenly was about things that put pressure on us. In turns, you could hear about personal “opposing wind”. Depressions, open questions, grief for a trusted person, still open and urging search for an apartment… all of a sudden it becomes clear, I’m not the only one who feels like that.
“Opposing wind”, which is created naturally when (spiritually) advancing – the greater the level of experience, the more – opposing wind, which leads to one point: “I’m not in control…”
At this point, something wonderful happens in the presence of God: The Holy Spirit comes very close, he joins our weakness – and to my “I’m not in control” he replies with a special flow of love and grace and leads me into an attitude of humility. Humility is the open door to receive out of the Father’s exuberant wealth – this is “being poor in spirit”, which says: “I need You so much…”, this is the outset for the next level in personal life and treasure hunt, “…for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5,3)
We stood next to each other and formed a circle for prayer before God – what great people they are (I thought to myself) – we had strong unity and great blessings came! In the afternoon, after having finished the scheduled topics, a group of young men and women came from LifeZone, and they blessed each of us prophetically – great encouragement from the Holy Spirit! One leader with the urging search for an apartment had to leave earlier. She had to attend another viewing appointment. In the late evening, she sent us this message: “We get the apartment, location is good, price is good, and someone had the prophetic impression: …that especially the kitchen would be pleasing – it will be built in all new, it will be pleasing!” Thanks Father! And thanks for showing us your Father’s heart especially in weaknesses…
(translated by Sarah)