Scooping out of the wells of salvation

I joined Manuel and Norbert for a treasure hunt in Heilbronn. We had already prayed for a woman, whose kids, holding her hand, were treasures. When explaining the life with Jesus to her and telling her that this message from the Heavenly Father – to become like children – was for her today, she was really grateful. She was very grateful. Coming to him as a child. Manu told her how his sister had been healed, and it encouraged her a lot. We had already prayed for a man – the need in his marriage came up at once. I’ve got the same name as his mother, that’s why he’ll never forget this encounter and the prayer. We had already prayed for a young man in a wheelchair – his nurse invited Jesus into his heart, after praying against pain. Norbert was able to explain everything clearly and we could see how the message touched his heart. At the same time, Manu showed the man in the wheelchair God’s kindness. We had already prayed for a young couple who were Christians and didn’t really have a topic for prayer – until I could name them one. They reacted to this in a very positive way, so we could pray with them. We had already prayed for 3 young men, to whom we were able to talk to at the same time. Since each of us was in a conversation at the exact same time, they were able to individually open their hearts. Those were deep conversations and prayers that made a change. Manuel touched one of them with his testimony, Norbert made Jesus accessible for a Muslim and I helped a Catholic remember what he had already experienced while serving as an altar boy. He wanted to start praying afresh and had a specific concern.
All of this had already happened when we came to my personal highlight. A young woman and a young man. Colleagues on the way to work. No time. They kindly listened to what Manuel and Norbert had to say, but wanted to keep going. I sensed that God wanted to do more than they permitted. I told them that there are no limits with God and that he also heals depression and anorexia. The situation changed all of a sudden. The young woman cried but wanted to hide it. I couldn’t really tell what was happening. Since her colleague stood right beside her, I didn’t want to ask any further. Then she just said: I am so happy. I asked if I could briefly pray. She said yes, and I prayed briefly. She took the “You’re God’s treasure”-card and she quickly continued on her way to work. Whatever happened at that moment, God spoke into her life and showed her the anchor for her soul.
After this, we met a homeless man. Shortly after we had addressed him, a social worker from an organization helping homeless people, joined us. She wasn’t in the line of duty at that moment, but just happened to be there. She talked to the man anyhow and then took her mobile phone to help organize a shelter for the night. We were really grateful and spoke with her some more. She liked praying with us and I received another impression. Remembering the last conversation, I was courageous enough to tell her. And joy came from God to her. Manuel talked to the man in the meantime, but he was rather dismissive. I should buy something somewhere, he said. Manuel talked about God another time and Norbert drew his wallet out. No, look here. You shouldn’t buy anything. You should receive a gift. Happily the man took the money and tucked it into his trousers’ pocket. You could see that he was physically doing really badly. Manu gave him the treasure’s card and when tucking it, he asked: Whom do I have to contact? And Manu said: God! We were concerned that we couldn’t pray for him, but we prayed that God may always remind him of that last word.
All of this happened within 2 hours on that evening. Still, each conversation was deep and in peace and all three of us had a feeling of lightness. So much blessedness! Thanks, Father!

(translated by Sarah)