The great loving voice behind you…

“I heard behind me a great voice…” (Revelation 1,10)
The New Year has begun, new appointments, new plans, new challenges – the focus quickly changes to things to come, goal-orientated. The time for retrospection happened to be before the turn of the year.

The media had their reviews of the year’s events – most of them rather frightening. “Fear” has to do with “narrowness” – feeling cornered. This feeling occurs when the menace on the outside is perceived as greater than the perception of “security”.
We are treasure hunters, Christians – did we experience threatening things?
I would like to remind you of a few things:
– One intercessor from Austria had a strong impression to pray for a man at a biker’s gathering. She did so. Only moments afterwards, there was a killing frenzy, dozens of dead people and injured ones. The man received a clear impulse from Jesus to leave that place – and remained unblemished.
– At a treasure hunt in Stuttgart, many cues led to a small group of girls dressed in black – they turned out to be Satanists, but we didn’t let go that easily. Then: “We can’t remain here standing, otherwise we’ll lose our boys over there…” – and those were not few… – Jesus thwarted an encounter.
– On our ride to Wiesbaden, there was sudden chaos in front of us – several cars crashed into each other. We were the first ones who came to a halt without being involved. The night before, Jesus had shown me this “accident situation” twice, until I realised that I should pray. Right before the accident, Ana also had a strong impression to pray.
– Then there were Gabriela and her children – they were killed in a heavy car accident on route to Nurnberg. Days before, she had been a “treasure” and invited Jesus into her life.
– A treasure hunter wanted to write down the license plate number of someone who had caused an accident, but was treated with strong hostility – everything turned out OK.

John heard a voice behind him – he had to turn around – it was Jesus. We turn around as well, and see some things, that were threatening, but we see Jesus behind them. The “cross” – the victory of Jesus’ love – lies behind us for more than 2000 years – but it stays relevant for everything that comes after it. It was relevant for the year of 2016 and it will be for 2017. Jesus has overcome the world and the fear in it. His love is stronger than every menace. That’s why fear has no place. This great loving voice is behind you at every step … and we make it hearable for people on the streets and in the houses…
(translated by Sarah)