The Kingdom of Heaven has come near…

On a cold and rainy Saturday eight of us went out two by two to find God’s Treasures in Winnenden.
Olga and I were at the location, ‘fountain, café, sculpture’, when our Treasure in the ‘red jacket’ came. A woman from Lithuania who did not speak much German. Her girlfriend translates some. We found, the Treasure speaks Russian. Perfect! Olga also speaks Russian! God is amazing! Olga explains to these very open catholic ladies how wonderful it is to have a relationship with the living Jesus and how they can invite Him into their heart. We also lay hands on the Treasure for healing of a cold and send them on their way with a Blessing. Straight away at the same location, the next Treasure comes out of the café on the opposite side. A man with a ‘bright green jacket’. He is with his wife and another couple. They are in their mid-forties and to our amazement, all four give us their full attention. Especially as the other man is also a Treasure because of his ‘piercing in one ear of a flat round button’. The Presence of God is there. They had never heard that God can be experienced. The one man shared about his doubts and how he often wrestles with God and Olga and I could give our testimonies of how we met Jesus. We prayed for them all and encouraged them to ask Jesus into their lives.
Then we went to the next location, Schloßkirche, and there was only one person there, so he had to be the Treasure. We had a deep conversation under our umbrellas. Since the age of 18 he did not believe in God anymore. We could tell him our experiences with Jesus and he let us pray for him that he would have an encounter with the living Jesus. I am sure, Jesus will answer that prayer!
On the way to the next location near another ‘fountain’ there was a woman at a bus stop who matched the clues ‘very short stature and a little chubby’. She was Kurdish and her daughter translated. She rejoiced in being God’s Treasure and let us pray for her health and bless her and her family. All the while the man in their company was smiling friendly and also taking it all in. Then came their bus. Thank you Jesus!
Nici and Elke went to the location ‘underpass’. There was no one walking, but in the smoke filled bar there, sat three young men. Since they also had the clue ‘group of young men’, they courageously entered and as they approached the men they invited them promptly for a drink. So over coffee the girls found the men open their hearts and share their life situations. An hour went by and Nici and Elke told them about the only answer to every human situation and the only hope, Jesus! They all gladly received prayer for their circumstances and a Bible each! Wow! Smelling of smoke, but very thankful and happy the two gilrs shared their story with us.
What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday and see the Kingdom of Heaven come near!