“Aren’t you tired of talking about a gospel of power, but never seeing it in action?
Aren’t you tired of trying to carry out the Great Commission
without offering proof that the Kingdom works?”
Bill Johnson

Trainings for small groups and churches

The treasure hunting team equips small groups or entire churches so that they can conduct treasure hunts by themselves. The training sessions are individual and specially geared to the churches. Every training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. If you or your church are interested then just invite us. The following gives a short overview of such training.


In the theoretical part the participants get all information about the treasure hunt and how it works. This means a large range of subject areas of evangelism are covered, for example:

  • How to spread the gospel on a useful manner
  • How to get in contact with strangers
  • How to overcome the fear of man
  • How to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. And how He can lead you on the road.
  • How to pray for somebody on the streets
  • Not all persons react friendly when we confront them with the gospel- what can we do then?


In the practical part the participants are individually taught how they can use their God-given gifts and how to enter their God-given potential. Regular feedback and conversations allow individual support and assistance. It is a joint adventure that makes a lot of fun and brings Christians and churches together.

Feel free to invite us- also for other subjects. It would be a great pleasure for us to get to know you!