Treasure Hunt in Everyday Life

Like every day I went for a walk with my dog. For the way back I chose the upper path of a vineyard. On one of the paths further below, a woman was walking, wearing a bright red jacket. A little later, I saw her again, sitting on a bench with her face buried in her hands. Without hesitation, I asked her, if she was not feeling well. She looked up, and said, that she had terrible back pain. Now, not everyone may understand this, but at such an answer, a Treasure Hunter’s heart lights up.
I told her, that I am a Christian and that I can pray against such things. She looked at me puzzled, and informed me, that she had these pains since childhood – she was older than I!
Then the woman wanted to know more about me, which church I was going to, and what I am doing. I answered, that I was employed in a protestant independent church, and that my job, among other things, was to pray against back pain. And if she would allow me to, I would do that right now.
Surprised by my boldness, she turned her back toward me, with the invitation to pray.
On a scale of 1 to 10, her pain was at 7. I prayed once and the pain was down to 4! I prayed again, and she felt heat all over, and the pain was completely gone!
She was amazed, and said, “I can’t believe it!”. I explained to her, that Jesus had done this. And further,  I could illustrate to her the difference between religion and faith. And at the end, I had the pleasure to explain, how she could receive Jesus into her life – she said, she would like to sleep on that for a night.
On this, we said good-bye, and I went home in great thankfulness.
Surely, I could have passed that woman, but based on my experiences, are these situations a MUST!
Jesus had the opportunity to demonstrate His Kingdom through my mouth and my hands.Thank you, Jesus, that I can be out there in Your Authority, and in Your Name. Hallelujah!
Ulli  :o)”