With Drums beating and Trumpets sounding …

“…But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets… all the people shall shout with a great shout; then the wall of the city will fall down flat…” (Joshua 6:4-5)

Ahead of the Treasure Hunt on Saturday we received a number of matching impressions. Rudi talked about a city wall which was already cracked and the gates were open; Ulli saw cymbals making a loud noise, and I had the impression that what we will speak will be as the voice of Jesus and that it would have the same effect as the trumpets outside of Jericho.
It was a grand day:
5 Treasure Hunts running parallel in 5 cities. In Reutlingen there were 10 Treasure Hunters, 9 in Tamm, 7 in Heilbronn, 5 in Nürtingen, and 12 in Weil der Stadt – altogether 43 Treasure Hunters! In Weil der Stadt it was our first time.
Some short reports:
Nürtingen: “…a lot happend! The ‘person of peace’ was found (annot.: Treasures which are to be found inside their houses); one man decides to come to our regional church service; people shed tears while being prayed for.
An older Muslim woman whom we addressed outside a Kebab Place shared that she already has had three heart operations. And that was exactly what Emily had on her Treasure Map. Two people came out of the Kebab Place to translate for us. The team was invited to pray for the woman and Emily even laid hands on her – the woman was deeply touched…”
“… a powerful time, lots of good conversations. We prayed for a number of people and almost all could feel some kind of sensation like heat or tingling…”
Tamm: “…the conversations we had were more extended. A Muslim Treasure asked Jesus into his heart …”
Heilbronn: ” … 4 new enthusiastic Treasure Hunters joined us! Many Treasures were receiving … one man broke out in tears and hugged the whole team. Wrists and knee improved straight after prayer. A number of Treasures were interested in having the Good News, the Gospel, explained to them…”
Weil der Stadt: “… the Lord worked great things. My team found one Treasure after the other. We could pray with many and were very blessed ourselves…”
But also: “…my team had lots of rejections – we learnt from it. We also found the ‘daughter of peace’. She lived in a house with the signage, “…  Music” (that was the sign of recognition of the day).”
The walls of Jericho fell in many places – in other places it is yet to happen:
“… our Treasure is standing at the entrance and has a smoke … He is friendly and openly tells us his story. It seems to do him good that someone is listening to him. Years ago he was to meet up with his friend in a train. In order not to miss him, the meeting place was to be in the first carriage behind the engine. Then, the disaster, their train crashed into an oncoming train.  And he had to witness his friend being crushed and die… he barely survived himself. He ends up severely traumatised, every night the accident scene – no one can help him. We tell him that where people are at their end, God begins … Jesus is his help, his salvation… He talks about experiences with angels … We offer to pray for him … he declines … it was so tangible, on one side the destruction of darkness and here the Healing Love of Jesus … but he declines … we continue to woo him with tongues of angels to give permission for Jesus …”
The day will come when these walls will fall – … with drums beating and trumpets sounding!