The prayer that you have prayed right now was the beginning of your relationship. And every relationship lives from talking to each other and being on the road with each other. In doing so you get to know each other better and better. Be aware: God is with you; also when not all things run well- as Christian we also live in this world like all other people. We will continue in experiencing good and bad things but we have the one on our side who created us. We can talk with him about all things in every situation. He hears us and He will do his part to lead us into the life that He has prepared for us.

“My sheep hear my voice
and I know them and they follow me.
I give them eternal life
and they will never perish
and no one will snatch them out of my hand.”
John 10,27-28

Now we want to tell you three more short things to help you on your way that helped us (and a lot of others) to grow in relationship with God.

Pray! Praying means nothing else than speaking with God. Consider Jesus as your friend with whom you can always talk about everything. Thank Him. Ask him for help.

BibeltextStart reading the Bible
We would be happy to send you a New Testament if you do not have your own bible yet. Use a modern translation at the beginning. We recommend you to read three chapters a day (2 chapters in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament). You can start with the gospel of John.

Look for a living church in which your faith can grow. A living church is for your growth in faith and in your personal relationship with God like a greenhouse is for flowers. There is almost nothing as important as to be united with other Christians. It is a place where you can ask questions, receive prayer and good teaching and you can be there for others. With pleasure you can get in contact with the pastors of GOSPEL FORUM. Then click here. You can get in contact with the respective pastor via the office of the church or via the following e-mail address:

You can also maintain contact with us and we will try to take you a lot further in your faith.

In order to start your relationship with God on a good basis, we recommend that you join a basic course for beginners. There you get more information on how you can live a life with God and also other important things.

For more information look on the event page of the website of ICF Munich.

And never forget- You are God`s treasure!