21.-23.10.2016 in Norderstedt – What have Bounty and Twix got to do with Treasure Hunting…?

… Friday morning 4:30 am: the alarm clock goes off. Sleepy eyes warily behold the
clock to see whether there hasn’t been a mistake… but slowly it dawns on me, and
the level of anticipation is rising rapidly – just like, a few hours later, Air Berlin’s A320
would rise above the clouds. A weekend of Treasure Hunting and training in the CGN
(Christliche Gemeinde Norderstedt) lies before us. Esther had been sick during the
week, but was determined to be part of it – maybe she’d arrive at the airport one
S-Bahn after us. Pastoral advice by Ulli: “Norbert, if it gets tight for her, you’re gonna
throw yourself in front of the nose wheel…” Well, that was just fun and Esther arrived
on time. You see, we had fun – just what treasure hunting with Jesus is about…
It happened to be a very interesting weekend with a very special congregation.
Actually, our planning for the day of our arrival looked like this: “Arrival Hamburg
Airport, S-Bahn to Hamburg Main Station, locking our luggage up, and then decide
what to do till the evening.” Effectively, we were warmly received by the youth
pastor, our luggage being guarded till the evening, and we also received day tickets
for the S-Bahn, and a welcome snack consisting of Bounty and Twix. At 1pm a church
elder joined us for a personal city sightseeing – he had terminated his work early for
us. During the entire weekend, we were lovingly taken care of and catered for – I’m
deeply touched.
Those outward things that I’m describing here also became recognizable as the
congregation’s heart beat itself: Appreciation and warm welcoming – of people, but
especially of Holy Spirit.
God’s glory is there – best soil for treasure hunting.
After some training sessions, we headed to the streets on Saturday afternoon. Out of
the 28 attendees all joined in on the treasure hunt (… this had never happened
before). Words of knowledge were confirmed in detail (some examples):
– …back problems after an operation in the lumbar vertebrae L5, while praying the
treasure felt heat – …during prayer for a woman,
someone could feel a special weight on the topic of
“disappointment and violation by people” – later on, another team member
confirmed this. I clearly had the word “abuse”. – …a postman gave his life to Jesus.
But the outstanding thing for me in the afternoon on that day:
I was privileged to be in the same group as the congregation’s leading pastor – his
first treasure hunt. He cleared the hurdle and approached our treasure by himself. I
stood beside them and could see our Heavenly Father’s appreciation and love in his
eyes. This was the door opener, so that we could pray for this woman, who was
oriented towards Buddhism, and make Jesus accessible to her. She was very
Appreciation and love weight heavily. Appreciation and love are the invitation for Holy
Spirit and for people.
Bounty and Twix have got a whole lot to do with treasure hunting!
(translated by Sarah)