6. Anniversary Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart

Six years ago, on December 28, 2012, Ulli started out on his very first Treasure Hunt in Stuttgart with a small team. And they found their first Treasure on exactly this spot.
This is also where we set off for the Anniversary Treasure Hunt on December 29, 2018, with five teams.
I was in the team with Simon and will share some of the many encounters we had:
With the clues ‘Location Schlossplatz, dressed in black’, we met a young man. He knew a bit about Christianity, but had not encountered the living Jesus yet. We asked, if he had a prayer request, which he declined. Simon shared that he had the impression to ask him about his father. Then I showed him on my Treasure Map that I had written down ‘relationship to father’ and ‘forgiveness’. He affirmed, that this was his situation and invited us to pray with him. He was very touched by the Love of Jesus for him, but just not quite ready to ask Him into his life.
At the same location ‘Schlossplatz’, the further clues ‘fountain’ and ‘on a park bench’ led us to a young couple, very open and very interested. They gladly accepted prayer for their future, their studies and their careers. After sharing the Gospel with them, the young man received Jesus into his life and was happy to take a small Bible to get to know Jesus more.
At the next location ‘pedestrian zone’ and with the the clue ‘purple scarf’ we met a group of two mothers with three girls. The youngest girl wore the purple scarf and when she read her name on my Treasure Map, she was very happy to let us pray for her. Then one of the girls recognised herself also on my Treasure Map because she wore ‘dental braces’, which we hadn’t noticed before. She also invited us to pray for her and so did the third girl. And of course they all got to hear the Gospel!
On to the next location ‘optometrist’. Just as we were about to enter the shop, a young woman came out, wearing the clue ‘red jacket’. She was an employee coming out for a cigarette break. This was just enough time to share the Gospel with her and for Simon to give her an encouraging word from God and for us to pray for her. And then she had to get back inside to work. What great timing of our amazing God!
It was time to get to the location ‘mall’ and to warm up a little. We bought a snack and sat down on ‘a bench’ beside an older lady wearing a ‘purple scarf’. Matching all these clues she was our Treasure. She had very bad hearing and I had to sit right beside her and speak very loudly into her ear. We told her that we believed that Jesus wanted to open her ears. Being a church member she allowed us to pray after we shared the full Gospel with her. So we laid our hands on her ears and commanded them to open in the Name of Jesus and for her hearing to be restored. I now was standing in front of her, about half a meter away and asked, if she had felt anything. She had felt warmth. Then we asked how she could hear now, and quite casually she answered, ‘oh, I can hear you very well!’ And this despite all the noise around the mall. Then she got this huge beautiful smile on her face and thanked us. Together we thanked Jesus the Healer!
Exhilarated we went to our meeting point with the other teams. Three more people received Jesus into their life through the other teams and Stuttgart got blessed! Praise the LORD! It is so much fun to work with Him!