While doing treasure hunting I love it to see how God directly touches people with His love and healing power.


Treasure hunting is fun and makes sense: Why not asking God, who knows every single human, who he wants to touch with his love today? I love partnering with him...


To everything in the world God has set the right time...Ecclesiastes 3:1. I am constantly surprised at the accuracy of the Treasure Map!


The greatest Miracle a person can experience in their life is to become a child of God when they have an encounter with the Living Jesus and receive Him as...


Treasure hunting is a wonderful way for me to experience and pass on the love of our father in heaven and the heart of Jesus Christ.


Matthew 6,19 & 20: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves...


It’s incredible how a brief encounter with God’s presence can change the hearts and lives of people. That’s why I want to show others that He is alive and tangible,...


We take God’s love to the people, many of which are so open to receive prayer and the gospel. Lives are being touched and changed. That just thrills me.


I do treasure hunting because I love it to witness how God`s kingdom spreads out among people and becomes effective. It is amazing to see how God`s presence and His...


A quote from the Blues Brothers: WE’RE ON A MISSION FROM GOD


It’s one of the most beautiful things when Jesus changes lives! Doing treasure hunts is a very intensive and supernatural way to experience this on a daily basis.


I love to be part of God's plan and to experience how He is using us to proclaim the Best Message of the whole universe. That's why I go on...


Why I love Treasure Hunt? In Ephesians 2:10 the Apostle Paul writes that we are created in Christ Jesus for good works that we should walk in them.


It is the Love of God that drives me to the people who do not yet know Jesus. To me there is nothing better in this world than to be...


I love it to see how people are touched in the here and now by the amazing and practical love as well as the healing power of Jesus. Treasure hunting...


I'm filled with enthusiasm that we have glad tidings and that the city will be filled with joy, because you get to know Jesus. Just like in the eighth chapter...


Treasure Hunt, why it's worth it? Because the Father's Heart is beating for every single person and He wants to encounter EVERYONE