God is Good…

We are a prophetic team, meeting every Thursday evening at Christus-Gemeinde in Pforzheim to pray for people propheticly. A part of the team goes out on Treasure Hunt after the prayer.
On Thursday evening, March 21, Ulli and his team went out. Among the team of four, was a young girl, Naemi, who was on her very first Treasure Hunt. As she was a bit apprehensive, Ulli took her under his wings.
On the way to the first location, ‘church’, they met a man wearing a ‘black hat’. As they got talking to him, he was interested, but at the same time had a rejective stance. But he did allow them to pray for him.
The next two locations were ‘Shell Service Station’, and ‘cinema’. Two young girls aged 14 and 16 came along, matching the clues, ‘blue hair’ and ‘black and white jacket’. In talking to them we found out, that one of them had a sports injury and continuing pain since one year. Ulli prayed for her and after the second prayer, the pain completely disappeared. The two girls were so amazed that they both asked Jesus into their live.
Ulli and Naemi went on to the next location, ‘Travel Agency’, which was also close to ‘cinema’ and ‘railway station’. As they came around the corner they noticed a big ‘advertising pillar’, which was also a clue on the Treasure Map. A couple came along, both wearing ‘black and white jackets’ and he was ‘limping’, another clue. The man had a torn tendon which was scheduled to be operated. But he was so fearful of the operation, that he did not have it done. The tendon had never healed proper and he had pain walking since then. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, his pain was at 8. They prayed for him and he was completely healed. He was so surprised. Then they told them about Jesus, The Saviour and The Healer, and they both gave their heart to Jesus.
Continuing on to the location ‘cinema’, a man was walking towards them, ‘limping’. He had fallen off a horse. Ulli laid his hand on him and prayed a short prayer, and all pain was gone. He was quite amazed. This was not the first time he had heard about Jesus. And straight away he asked, if they would pray with him so he could receive Jesus into his life. After such a miracle of healing, he knew, that he needed to give his life to Jesus. And this he did!
On the way back to Christus-Gemeinde they met a married couple. She was wearing the ‘red shoes’. None of them had experienced a conversation like that ever before and so this was a very special encounter to them. As Ulli asked them for their names, the name of the man was on the Treasure Map! And they gladly received prayer from Ulli and Naemi.
Back at Christus-Gemeinde they all rejoiced together at what the Lord had done.