Multiplication in Calw and Fellbach

The man who was asked to take a photo of the team in Calw was an American. He came to Germany together with his wife. They were Christians and excited about the idea of doing treasure hunts. Shortly afterwards, another American couple was found as treasure. They were also Christians and very interested in this approach of taking God’s love and presence to people.
What kind of fruit of multiplication this might bear? God does great things!
Another treasure, who could barely walk due to intense pain, encountered the treasure hunting team (and God), and then walked home almost free of pain. Originally, he had wanted to go to the hospital. Concerning the remaining pain, he said himself: “This will leave as well”.
– Healing – was his present on that day.
In Fellbach, a treasure was found sitting on a bank. The man was inebriated, but able and willing to have a talk. He had already given up of ever returning to his former life. A treasure hunter told him his own life story, which was quite comparable to this man’s situation. The man’s need was accurately addressed by it. At the end of the conversation, he said that he’d have to think about it afresh. – Hope – This was the Heavenly Father’s present for him on that day. It was received.
Two young men, both without hearing, gladly received prayer. They were Muslims. They could read the prayer off the lips and were both touched by it. Each received a card with a further prayer. They read it and warmly thanked the team. – Love, appreciation and hope were sown into hearts. God has a lot on his heart which he wants to communicate to those people around us. Each one is seen and loved. He’s the lover of our hearts.
He wants to lead us. Lead us into his prepared works.
(translated by Sarah)