Powerful Treasure Hunts – make powerful Treasure Hunters

In Mühlacker on Saturday, 15th October: 3 people gave their lives to Jesus, uneven
legs were levelled two times, and many people were open for conversations and
received prayer for spinal disc problems, sinusitis, and more.
There’s power in it. It changes people and it influences the treasure hunters.
Only God knows how much everyone was helped on that Saturday, since he also
knows the hearts. He drew people to himself and encouraged the hearts of treasure
When you take the risk, this will be the side benefit of a treasure hunt. Holy Spirit
exactly knows where and how you need encouragement. And you receive it. As a
treasure hunter, you are no longer the same as before. Your experiences on the street
so shine in your heart, that wherever you are – whether working, at school, in the
family, in your small group or just being on your own, shopping or tanking up – your
view on people is changed. You experience God’s love for yourself and are
strengthened to live in your authority. You can see those people who are seeking God
and those he’s seeking himself. You will receive greater boldness. You will receive
greater power of speech. Your faith will grow. You will more and more seek and enjoy
the relationship with God (the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit).
You will be able to do his works and take his love to people in a greater measure.
And God just loves it when he does the same and even more for you. He loves joining you in the process.
(translated by Sarah)