Without Words…

…it was a prayer that I pray most times before we go out in the team: “Lord, please synchronise us and help that we complement each other and work together as one…”.
It was overwhelming. There, the couple and the small dog with a bandaged paw (Treasure Map). Anni, a first timeTreasure Hunter, and Christin started talking to the woman taking her a little to the side as they shared the love of God with her and were allowed to pray for her. This gave me the needed space to have a deeper conversation with the man… He invites Jesus as his Lord into his life. Anni and Christin did such a great job. Without a word, they knew exactly what was needed and what to do!
At the playground we encounter a Muslim woman with her child. She permits us to pray for her. Then Christin notices that the woman has something wrong with her back and leg. She agrees to let us check the length of her legs. Indeed one leg was 1 – 2 cm shorter…Christin prays one prayer…the legs straight away grew to the same length. The difference in her gait was noticeable.
The woman on the bench next to us had overheard everything…a good opportunity…We start talking to her. But her child on the playground keeps interrupting seeking for attention. Without me having to say a word, Anni engages the woman’s daughter.
A little later we indulge in an ice cream. As Annie pays she slips also a ‘You are God’s Treasure’ card across the counter…without words…a puzzled look on the owner’s face…we explain ‘Treasure Hunt’ to him and let him know that God loves him. “You got just the right one…”. He comes from Italy with a catholic background, deeply disappointed. Without hesitation he shares of his illness…over the counter we pray for healing…the Presence of God can be felt…without words.
This Treasure Hunt was so much fun. God lets Himself be invited…hears our prayers…acts overwhelmingly… Once again I am filled with admiration and awe…without words!
We were 15 Treasure Hunters in Pforzheim, 4 ‘new ones’. 3 people gave their life to Jesus…many prayers for the sick, with immediate visible healings in 2 cases – God is so good…